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Why Does Not My Instagram Content Show Up in Google Search?

Firstly, you should know that Instagram is hard to index on search engines. In fact, the company purposefully stopped indexing Instagram pics. It is clear that users are not particularly interested in having their photos indexed on search engines. Nevertheless, you should know that your Instagram profile is still searchable – by default, your profile settings are public. As a result, you can perform a Google image search and see whether or not your account is listed on the search engine.

First of all, you should optimize your bio. The bio is a small piece of text, which can help your profile rank in search results. Secondly, you should avoid using emojis in your bio, as these will be cut by Google to make it shorter. In order to boost your profile visibility on search engines, you must include keywords in your bio. If you have a business profile, you should include the name of your company in your profile.

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The caption of an Instagram picture is extracted from the title tag and will appear in search results. If you have a bio that is keyword-rich, you can boost your content’s chances of appearing in search results. Moreover, you should use alt text in your Instagram profile and in your images. Hence, you should include your primary keywords in your bio. This will help your profile rank in search results.

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