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Why Are People Appearing on My Top Searches on Instagram?

You might be wondering: Why are people appearing on my top searches on Instagram? Besides recent likes, comments, and location, there’s also an algorithm at work here. This algorithm takes into account your search frequency and other activities on the app. It may also take into account the people’s post locations and hashtags. If you find them interesting, they might pop up in your search results.

You’ll notice that if you search for a person’s name in Instagram, they’ll appear on your top searches, too. The algorithm in Instagram is so intelligent that it will even suggest profiles that you’ve recently viewed. This way, you’ll see more posts from the people you’ve recently interacted with. In addition, you’ll also be able to see more photos of popular places and profiles.

Last Line

Another factor to consider is your search history. If you’re searching for someone’s photo, you might be reminded of an old search. In order to avoid being reminded of a past search, clear your Instagram history. If you’re seeing random users, you should try to follow them. This way, you’ll be able to follow them and get the latest updates on what they’re doing.

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