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What Type of App Can Beat Snapchat and Instagram?

Despite their similarities, there are several major differences between Snapchat and Instagram. Unlike Snapchat, Instagram is not open to third parties and does not allow them to use its API. This is an excellent strategic move. Regardless of the number of users, Snapchat is more popular than its competition and will continue to be so as long as the company stays out of its way. While both apps are fun, there are a few key differences between them.

While Snapchat has been dominating the social media scene since it was founded in 2010, Instagram was able to surpass it in Q3 of 2016. This happened when Instagram introduced ‘Stories’ and aimed to capture every moment of its users’ lives. While the two apps have similar features, Instagram’s main advantage is its superior augmented reality capabilities. But before Snapchat could take over the social media market, the company had already built a very successful enterprise and was able to add other features that would be difficult for Snapchat to copy.

Last Line

The key differences between these two apps are in their user bases. Snapchat is better suited to building relationships in private channels, while Instagram is more geared toward public channels. However, Snapchat still dominates in augmented reality, while Instagram has more than equal capabilities. Both apps have their merits, and both are excellent for social media marketing. Although Snapchat was first on the scene, it has already made a steroid principle lot of money and continues to do so.

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