Instagram Reels, Youtube Shorts, Facebook Stories – Yay or Nay?

Do you remember the time when running a business meant depending on marketing tools like mouth publicity, multimedia ads, hoardings, etc.? Those tools were indeed practical but also time-consuming. In today’s world, where everyone is in a hurry to get things done, from ordering groceries to getting laundry done, we now don’t depend on the old ways of going there physically and exhausting ourselves by standing in the long queue. Thanks to the evolving technology. With technology, businesses have also evolved and created an online presence on social media. With the help of social media outsourcing companies, you can also get your brand known worldwide. Sounds impossible? It’s not! Come, let’s have a look.

Various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube (slightly), and many more give you the benefit of showcasing your business to an audience which is not limited by boundaries. Yes, that’s right! Social media may not be a physical body, but its reach is far more than the ones present physically.

Since 2020, people have shifted their businesses online because the hour demanded so. People closed their shops and created a page on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook and, with the help of various tools, interacted and engaged with people by showcasing their products.

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3 Popular Yet Interactive Tools Businesses Are Using These Days

1. Instagram Reels  

Introduced in August 2020, Instagram reels have now become popular not just among the youth but also the adults. With a variety of content and mixed topics, you can spend hours getting yourself entertained by watching video clips of less than a minute. 

Now the question comes – how are reels helping businesses to grow? Let’s have a look at the gains you get with reels –

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  • Better Discoverability – People can watch your reels in the explore tab even when they are searching for something relevant.  This gives your reel more views and better engagement.
  • Better Display in less time – With various transitions available in reels, you can make a snap video of all your products/services. This makes people understand your business in just a few seconds. How astonishing, right?
  • Makes you a part of the trend – What is even a business on Instagram if it’s not a part of the trend? With making reels comes the benefit of trend as well as better reach. So who wouldn’t want to create reels?

Now the question of how we do it may arise. Making reels is just an easy peasy task. But, you can always opt for professional services and take help from social media marketing agencies. Their creative heads can always help you crack the idea and become a trend.

2. Youtube Shorts 

We all must be well versed with the concept of Youtube. But what are Youtube shorts? A platform offered by Youtube that allows you to make vertical videos using your smartphone. Youtube Shorts can be easily uploaded on Youtube, and the viewers can comment, like, and subscribe to your channel while they watch it. 

Sounds interesting, right? Now let’s have a look at the benefits businesses can avail from Youtube Shorts –

  • Better engagement – Youtube is one such search engine cum social media to which every phone has built-in access. Whether watching songs or recipes, every generation is familiar with Youtube. Thus, Youtube Shorts became quickly popular among us. This helps businesses promote their brand on a large platform without much effort.
  • More in less – Confused with what it means? It’s easy – more content in less time. The best part about Youtube Shorts is that they need not be entertaining but promising enough. They should fulfill the purpose of conveying the message, and people will automatically get engaged with it.

As easy as it sounds, you may find it complicated at first. You can always follow a Youtube tutorial on how to make Youtube Shorts! 😉 

Or, you can get help from a professional by finding the right white label social media management agency, which will take the workload off your shoulders and do your best.

3. Facebook Stories 

Social media platforms continuously evolve by adding different features. Just like on Instagram and Whatsapp, Facebook also allows you to upload stories that automatically get deleted after 24 hours. This way, it’s not on your wall the whole time and fulfills your purpose of making it to social media. How convenient! You already know what’s coming next – the benefits Facebook stories offer to businesses. winstrol (stanozolol) Come, let’s have a look –

  • Freedom of Creativity – With different filters, effects, and video masks, you can literally flaunt your product in the most creative way possible. Grab your audience’s attention by making stories that are compelling and engaging.
  • Trackable Performance – Facebook allows you to analyse and improve your audience targeting. If you are running a marketing campaign, you can track the reach and views and work on the next plan accordingly. This helps you create a more efficient strategy for the next time. How clever Facebook is! 😉
  • Prominent Location – Unlike posts, to view a story, you do not have to scroll down to the bottom. Facebook stories are available right on the top of the feed, making it the first thing you view after opening the application. This makes it easy for businesses to grab their audience’s attention. 

Again, you may wonder if we are capable enough to put in so much creativity in an authentic format. Of course, you can. As appealing as it looks, creating Facebook stories is a very simple task. But if you need someone who can work on it smoothly, you can get a social media marketing agency to do the job for you. 

Goodbye Thoughts To A Welcoming Trend!

How intriguing these social media platforms have become. Who would have thought that once a source of entertainment can now help you grow your business? It’s time for us to make the most of it and get going with the trend. Instagram Reels, Youtube Shorts, and Facebook Stories are a big yay for many businesses. The only thing lacking is the absence of knowledge for many people. And now, for that too, we can reach social media experts.

Let’s make the most of social media in not just growing our business but in making people aware about its use and benefits.

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