How to Choose Graduation Bouquet in Singapore

Many people have changed large-scale engagements into online events to comply with socioeconomic outcomes to fight the spread of COVID-19 since the start of the epidemic. This makes it particularly difficult for us to commemorate significant life events such as wedding ceremonies and celebrations. Even if, in this age of social media, virtually commemorating these key milestones is the new standard, there is nothing like enjoying momentous anniversaries with your family members there.

Even the smallest gesture, such as getting a bouquet of flowers, may serve as a nice reminder somebody is thinking of you through difficult times. With graduation season approaching, it’s time to recognize their achievements, and what best option to do it than with a graduating flower arrangement?

Here are four different types of Graduation Flower Delivery Singapore you can choose to add to your graduate’s special day:

  • For someone with a sweet tooth

Do you know someone who adores burying their teeth into sweets? Make someone’s day by sending them this Sweet Treat bouquet. Fresh Hypericum Berries, lovely Cotton Flowers, and Ferrero Rocher chocolates are included in this simple yet delightful graduation bouquet. Chocolate graduation bouquets, like conventional flower bouquets, are not always attractive on the outside but also delicious on the inside. If you have a certain color scheme or style in mind, please let our professional florists know!

  • For someone with a soft-heart

For a buddy who likes plush toys, a well-decorated with lovely floral arrangements that include delicious Gerbera Daisies sitting on a bed of colorful Baby Breaths is a perfect choice. It’s difficult to resist this charming plush graduation bouquet. Further, if you want something more vibrant conventional Rose blossoms combined with colored Baby’s Breath flowers for a lively look can be amusing graduation flowers! The rabbit in the center of the graduation arrangement offers a humorous touch to an already enjoyable arrangement, giving the receiver something more to recall you by even after the blooms have faded.

  • For someone with a love for customized gifts

You may personalize your flower arrangements with our Uniquely Made bouquet. If your loved one has a specific floral affinity, this graduated flower is very stunning. If you’re not sure where to start, choose their favorite flowers and combine them. It would be fantastic if you also considered their favorite colors. If you want to make a more memorable graduation bouquet, try including their natal flower. For Flower Delivery Singapore, you need to simply choose a graduation flowers theme and provide the florist with a brief description of the honoree as well as the occasion.

  • For someone with a heart for flowers

Last but not least, a traditional bouquet of roses, sunflowers, baby’s breath can never go wrong.  If you’re looking for the greatest graduation flowers, go no farther than the Rainbow Garden and Sunrise bouquets. The range of Baby’s Breath to create the Rainbow Garden arrangement with a set of three or six roses placed in the center of this lovely arrangement. Alternatively, a Sunrise graduation bouquet, which includes three full-bloom sunflowers, pom-pom flowers, eucalyptus, and yellow phoenix leaves, can be used to honor your loved one’s intellect. Also, Yellow flowers are often associated with friendliness and happiness, making this bouquet the ideal graduation present to cheer up your loved one!


Witnessing a graduation ceremony becomes more worthy for your dear one if you get him or her a lovely arrangement of flowers to celebrate the occasion. Plus, having everything delivered straight to their home makes things a lot easier!

Choose a local florist like Floral Beanie who can deliver your fresh flower arrangements in Singapore. We are located close to a flower market and offer a broad variety of fresh flowers. Our flower arrangements are custom-made to our customer’s preferences, and all orders are delivered within the stipulated time.

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