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How Do I View My Instagram Search History on Mobile?

There is no dedicated search history on Instagram. Instead, your searches are logged and available whenever you do a new search. Unfortunately, this can make it a bit difficult to find your search history. Luckily, there is a way to view your Instagram search history on mobile. First, launch the Instagram app and tap the profile icon. From there, you’ll be able to see any searches that you’ve made on the app.

Then, go to your profile and tap the “Search history” icon. If you have many searches, you’ll want to view them all. To view your search history, tap the search icon and select the + sign. You can also access your recent searches and hashtags, but you should note that this will only clear your recent searches. If you need to clean up your entire search history, simply tap the plus sign to the right of it.

Ending Line

To delete your search history, first go to your profile. Then, tap the settings menu and click Security. Then, tap the Hide option next to your account’s name. This will hide your search history so that no one can see your searches. Once you’ve deleted it, Instagram will stop storing it. You’ll also be able to see your location, hashtags, and recent searches.

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