How Do I Get Back My Old Account on Instagram?

For some users, the process of recovering an old account on Instagram is more complicated than just logging into your old account. Many users use special characters and numbers to sign up, making it impossible to remember these details. In this case, you can try entering your phone number as a verification code and then clicking on the link in your email. In some cases, this can give you the username and password you need to log in.

If your old account was deleted, you can use your Apple ID to retrieve it. Simply send a screenshot of the handwritten code to Instagram. In the email that you receive, follow the instructions to reset your password. Otherwise, you can send a message to Instagram support via email, sms, or through their website. You will be able to recover your account if you follow these steps.

Final Thought

Ensure that you have access to your email, and that you have a backup of the user’s contact information. After submitting your request, you will be sent a verification email from Instagram. Once you confirm the email, you’ll need to confirm your identity using your mobile number. Once you’ve verified your identity, you can now use your old account to post pictures of yourself. Once you’re back in the picture of yourself, Instagram will send you your old account.

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