Deciding who is at fault after a car accident- What are the tricks involved?

We will start this post assuming that you recently had a vehicle accident, where one vehicle hit another. Who was at fault?  Fault after an accident is decided at different places.  firstly, a fault is decided on the spot of the accident, later on by the police, by the car insurance companies, and finally by a jury in court.

According to reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,  there were nearly 6 million crashes in the year 2020, where more than 2 million people were injured, and 40000 were killed. How do you think the legal authorities decide who is at fault after a car accident? Here are the tricks involved. 

The drivers decide at the scene of the accident

Drivers suffer from this natural Instinct of shifting blame at others soon after a car accident. This can at times get harmful because drivers are so shocked after the car accident that they often blame themselves. During that moment, any driver could admit their fault. The consequences of admitting your fault in an accident can be dangerous. hence you should stay away from accepting your fault, be calm, and wait for the police to arrive.

The insurance companies decide who is at fault

Due to virtual car insurance claims, filing an insurance claim has gotten much easier. You just have to provide them the pictures of the accident site and the company will immediately evaluate the damage caused. When each of the parties involved in the accident race claims with their individual insurance companies, it is entirely at the discretion of the insurers to determine the result.  You may raise a claim for your car damage if you carry collision coverage. 

A jury decides who is the faulty party

 If the case is taken to the court, the ultimate result will be announced by a jury. Once the Jury decides who is at fault, even the US Supreme Court has no right to alter the facts that are determined by the Jury already. However, since most cases are not taken to trial, it is most likely that they will be settled outside the court and hence the Jury won’t be asked to decide on the faulty party hertube.

So, even though you may be at fault after a car accident, keep in mind that you are not supposed to accept your fault in front of the other drivers, or their insurance companies.  Confess everything only to a personal injury attorney and let him fight for you.

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