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If you’re looking for the best hip-hop tracks on the web, you can check out, where you can download the latest singles from your favorite artists. You’ll find a wide selection of American and international songs, as well as a few from India and the United Kingdom. The site’s selection of rap and hip-hop tracks will surely satisfy any music lover.
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Rick Ross has just announced his first full-length project in two years, titled Before Shit Got Weird. This project will be a triple album, and it’ll feature both of the Cool Kids. The group is also releasing solo albums by Mikey and Mr. Inglish. This is the perfect way to hear the latest single from the Cool Kids, and to stay up-to-date with the latest music from hip-hop stars.

“Down South” features a verse by Nas. This track is a head-nodding ride that reminds listeners of the rapper’s days in the South. The song features a hypnotic beat by Lauryn Hill and is reminiscent of a dream in which he was not counting dead presidents. The lyrical content is catchy and it’s easy to download and enjoy.

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